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Tasty meal.

Stephen, 08May18

Another great meal delivered quickly

Stephen, 27Apr18


Lauren, 23Apr18

Excellent meal

Stephen, 19Apr18

Great food

Matthew, 12Apr18


Mel, 12Apr18

Excellent food

Mel, 12Apr18

Very tasty food

Anna, 05Apr18

Lovely and very tasty food

Anna, 15Mar18

5 stars.

Cory, 05Mar18

Great aervixe

Kenny, 23Feb18

Good as always

Mick, 15Feb18

As normal brilliant food thanks

Dave, 14Feb18

Tssty food

Anna, 14Feb18

Very nice food as always! Little slower with delivery compared to normal but quality food

Caroline, 10Feb18

Tasty food

Anna, 06Feb18

Food is always amazingly cooked, me and the partner always like ordering food, there has been a few times where not everything we've ordered arrives, but that is awesomely rectified with an apology and always bring the food they missed as quick as possibly which is really good, other than that keep up the good team cohesion and amazing food

Simon, 03Feb18

Tasty food

Anna, 30Jan18

Excellent as always

Duncan, 12Jan18

Only place around here that can actually get your order of cheesy chips right!

Jordan, 10Jan18

Great quality food and service. Always quick and friendly service too.

James, 10Jan18

Always top quality

Ross, 10Jan18

best curry ever

Karen, 06Jan18

Used Tased of Paradise for years and never experienced any problems

Steve, 06Jan18

Great service

Cory, 05Jan18

The best take away I ever had

Anna, 05Jan18